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Please review these commonly asked questions.


Q. What age range is suitable for individual and 10-week coaching sessions?

A. 5-24 years old


Q. How long are the individual coaching sessions? 

A. 60 minutes

Q. How much are the group sessions?

A. Groups of 2-5 players must pay $25.00 per person. Groups of 6+ players must pay $15.00 per person. 


Q. What is the duration and frequency of the Player Development Program?

A. We will train your player five times for 60 minutes at a time within a 30-day timespan. The membership package auto renews from the day of purchase every 30 days, within the timeframe of the 7-day free trial.


Q. How are the coaching sessions structured? What can my child expect during each session? 

A. The first session is an assessment of the player’s skillset related to these training skills: Shooting, Ball handling, Rebounding, Passing, and Agility. After the first session, we will work with the player to develop personalized goals.

Q. Can I choose a specific coach for my child's individual coaching sessions?

A. We are growing, however, at this time Coach Nick Anderson is the only basketball coach available. 

Q. Are the coaching sessions tailored to my child's skill level and specific needs?

A. Yes! We will assess the player’s current skill level and specific needs, and develop a coaching plan that players will use during their lessons and at home. 

Q. What safety measures and protocols are in place during the coaching sessions?

A. At The Lab Hoops, we prioritize the safety of our athletes. During coaching sessions, we have qualified coaches who are trained in safety protocols. Our facility is regularly inspected, and we have staff trained in first aid and CPR on-site. We focus on injury prevention through warm-up exercises and proper technique instruction. We also maintain a clean environment and encourage personal hygiene practices. Group sizes are kept small to ensure individual attention and safety.

Q. What qualifications and experience do the coaches have?

A. Coach Nick is the Founder and Head Basketball Coach for The Lab Hoops. He is a highly experienced basketball coach with over 6 years of coaching experience. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in the Twin Cities, Nick is a local basketball star, having graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis in 2013, where he was a 3-time all-conference and all-tournament high school basketball star. He was a starting varsity player all four years. 

Q. How do the coaches track and measure my child's progress throughout the coaching sessions?

A. The Lab Hoops coaches track and measure the player’s progress throughout the coaching sessions through various methods. We use a combination of observation, skill assessments, and performance evaluations to monitor the player’s development. Regular feedback and personalized assessments allow coaches to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and set specific goals for the player’s progress. This ensures that the player’s growth and advancement are consistently monitored and addressed.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for individual and the Player Development Program?

A. All payments made for the basketball coaching session are non-refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation. If you need to reschedule, please notify us via email ( or text us at ‪(612) 524-9311‬ at least 24 hours in advance to apply your payment to another session on a different date. If you do not provide the minimum required notice for cancellation or rescheduling, the session may be forfeited, and the coaching fees will not be refunded.

For the Player Development Program, you will need to cancel the auto renewal before the date of charge. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse if you choose to cancel services at the time of auto renewal.

Q. Are there any discounts or package deals available for booking multiple sessions?

A. Yes! We are currently offering a 30% discount for the Player Development Program.


Q. Can my child switch coaches if they feel they aren't a good fit?

A. The Lab Hoops is growing, however, at this time Coach Nick Anderson is the only basketball coach available. 

Q. Is there any flexibility in scheduling the coaching sessions to accommodate my child's other commitments?

A. Absolutely! We will work with you to schedule the player’s sessions, whether they are individually or through the Player Development Program.

Q. What is the cost of the individual coaching sessions and the Player Development Program program?

A. Individual coaching sessions are priced at $60.00 per session. The Player Development Program, a fundamentals membership package for 5 sessions within a 30-day timespan is priced at $300.00.

Q. Is there any financial assistance or scholarship options available for families in need?

A. We have analyzed the cost of coaching sessions and believe our prices are considerably affordable. If there are extenuating circumstances, we may be willing to consider your price proposal. Please call or text us at (612) 524-9311.

Q. How do I book and secure a spot for my child in the individual coaching sessions or the 10-week program?

A. You can visit to get started.

Q. Are there any additional resources or support provided to parents to help their child progress outside of the coaching sessions?

A. Yes, at The Lab Hoops, we provide additional resources and support to parents to help their child progress outside of the coaching sessions. We offer guidance on at-home exercises, drills, and practice routines that parents can implement with their child. We also provide access to educational materials, online resources, and recommended training programs to support your child's development between sessions. Our aim is to empower parents with the tools and information needed to support their child's progress and foster continuous improvement outside of our coaching sessions.

Q. Will there be opportunities for my child to participate in friendly competitions or tournaments through The Lab Hoops?

A. In the near future. Please stay tuned!

Q. Can my child join coaching sessions at any time during the year, or are there specific enrollment periods?

A. The player can enroll at any time within six months of the purchase date. Lessons must be utilized within the same calendar year.

Q. What sets The Lab Hoop's individual coaching  apart from other options available?

A. What sets The Lab Hoops's apart is our personalized approach to player development. Coach Nick Anderson provides tailored instruction and individualized attention to help each athlete reach their full potential. We prioritize skill enhancement, character building, and personal growth, creating a supportive and challenging environment. Our comprehensive curriculum and focus on discipline, integrity, and sportsmanship make The Lab Hoops an exceptional choice for young athletes aspiring to excel in basketball.

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